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Kojin Castle is a shop filled with unique, customizable goods perfect for anyone who wants to find something that fits their personality or celebrate those they love.

 If you wish to request a design for a unique product or a large order for a special event, please email us at

Hi there,

My name is Steve.  I created Kojin Castle to help my family during the trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic and response.

I am originally from Indiana in the USA, but now I teach English at a university in South Korea.

One of my first big passions was Japanese; I love the language, the people, and the culture.  Ironically, I fell in love with a Korean, so we moved to South Korea several years ago.

The name Kojin Castle comes from the Japanese word for individual.  In general, the people of Japan, and Korea for that matter, are more group-minded, but I still like the word kojin, or in Korean, ke-in.

Thinking and acting as an individual, but also working with one’s family, friends, and community to achieve goals is a big part of how we do things at Kojin Castle.  We want all to feel welcome and contribute their own unique talents.

I have discovered a love for dreaming up ideas for products and trying to find which ones work best on what products.

I feel confident that I can find some winning formulas and break free from the daily grind.

 I found a new commitment and drive to be successful thanks to my team.

In conclusion, I’ll say that it’s only impossible if you give up.  They say “A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step,” so is that first step!


Check us out on social media, whether it’s FacebookPinterest, or check our Etsy store at Kojin Castle. Feel free to say hi anytime. 


Thank you!



December 15, 2020